UBA Commissioner message 12.8.2020

                           Official UBA Announcement

                     First, I would like to start off by thanking all the front-line health care workers that are out there. Also, EMT’s, police officers and firefighters. The UBA is a very diverse organization, and I am sure that we have several members of our organization that have been on the front lines of this pandemic. This has been a very difficult time for many people. Hopefully, there is a light at the end of this long tunnel.

                      On to the business at hand. As most of you have already been made aware. The UBA Executive Board has decided to cancel the Season Tour for 2020-2021. As you would imagine, the reason for this cancellation is out of an abundance of caution for all our membership. There is still much uncertainty when we will return, to all the States involved, allowing our bowling centers to remain at the capacity we would need to have a full season. We would also not want to start fully, and have to shut down in parts, or even worse, the whole organization having to shut down all together.

                       But all is not lost completely. Although we do not have plans to schedule any other events in the months of December and January. We are keeping our house reserved for the Northeast Unholy in February. We also plan to add a Southeast Unholy for the same weekend. This is provided that we are able to host both events with full capacity and limited or no restrictions. Mega Bowl is also still in our plans. Following those events, the UBA plans to add several stand-alone events that would fill each month up to Battle Bowl. These events are still being worked on, and announcements of those events will come in the future. The plan is to have each event be hosted in several different districts on the same weekend. We have tried this in the past, but the past was not like the current state of our country. The UBA is not solely about the Season Tour but is about competing as teams. The events that will be coming will be focused around team competition. There will be a mix of old events, and possible same new ones to keep the competitive atmosphere alive. All of these are depending on how our country continues to heal and return to some normalcy. We will not host events unless we are sure that the houses and local regulations will allow us to do so.

                      Anyone involved in the World Championship Series should maintain contact with WCS Director Jason Hale. He will be working with those on the list to try and maintain the lists as they currently stand. Also, there could be WCS qualifiers also in the future. Anything that is decided will be announced. Individual and Team Rankings is being worked on by Tynell. There was a scheduled Southeast Team Ranking event scheduled for this upcoming weekend. Keep an eye out for those announcements in the future.

                        Lastly, there is some financial business that needs to be addressed. The Franchise Fee that is paid at the beginning of each season is NOT for your entry into the Season Tour. That fee is to allow every bowler in your Franchise to be eligible to compete in any event during the season. That includes Season Tour, Mega Bowl, Battle Bowl, and every other stand-alone event that is hosted by the UBA. If there is no Season Tour, that does not entitle the franchises to a refund of their Franchise Fee. If your team opts out of the season, and asks for a refund of your Franchise Fee, none of the bowlers on your roster will be eligible to bowl in any Official UBA event. With all that being said, it was decided by the Executive Team that every teams Franchise Fee will be held over for the 2021-2022 Season. If your team took a refund of your Franchise Fee for 2020-2021, then you must pay the fee for 2021-2022. All bowlers will be eligible for any Official UBA Event for the remainder of the 2020-2021 Season.

I wish a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season for all of our membership. Our organization is only as strong as our members. Please stay tuned for any further announcements for our future events.

Thomas Twist
Underground Bowling Association

Official Document: UBA%20Update%2012.8.2020.pdf

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