History of The UBA




Every sport is competitive and bowling is no different. For years, it was considered by many to be a tedious game with little entertainment value, but Philip Chance recognized the potential of bowlers to draw in big crowds—and change people's perception of the game forever. In 2009, Phil formed the Underground Bowling Association (UBA) with fifteen talented bowlers from all over the East Coast: Bigs, Money Moe, Franchise, The Quiet Storm, NOF, Bl9CKJ9CK, C-Killa, Biz ,Big “D” Deuce ,TECH Hitman Mr. Red Baby Boy & Up & Down—all determined to take bowling off its dreary track and into exciting new arenas.


With each team boasting their own unique names (The Shooters; The Bounty Hunters; The Trash Talkers; Black Reign; Wrecking Crew; Silent Killer), as well as individual nicknames for their members ("Chase Bank"; "Mr Red"; "The Show";"Lil Man",Stewie" ;'Big Rod Dawg"). It was clear that this would not be an ordinary league! With clever personas combined with fierce competition and audience engagement tactics such as trash talking or beefs between rival teams crossed with carefully planned marketing strategies - this UBA soon became one of the most thrilling sports experiences out there.


Since then Philip Chance has seen his vision come alive before his eyes--transforming what used to be a dull pastime into an exhilarating spectator sport that encourages camaraderie between participants and fans alike. As more individuals recognize this remarkable transformation spearheaded by Phil and brought about by UBA --it is certain that we will see even greater success in terms of awareness and growth from here on out!

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