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Every sport is competitive and bowling is no different. Bowling used to be considered by most to be a boring sport. No one gets tackled like in football, no one gets slammed to the floor like in wrestling and no one runs down center court to make a slam dunk like in basketball. Philip Chance has changed all that by creating the Underground Bowling Association.

This vision all started in 2009 when Phil pondered the thought of how come professional bowlers don’t make as much money as other professional athletes? He also saw that the sport itself was on a decline due to the lack of fun or enthusiasm you see with other sports. There had to be a way to make this game more thrilling so with an idea in mind, Phil put together a team of fifteen bowlers (Bigs, Money Moe, Franchise, The Quiet Storm, NOF, Bl9CKJ9CK, C-Killa, Biz, Big “D”, Deuce, TECH, Hitman, Mr. Red, Baby Boy & Up & Down) and the Underground Bowling Association was formed.

The word started to get out that these team members were the best underground bowlers on the East Coast and spectators began to come out to watch them bowl and challenge opposing teams. The crowds started to grow yet the entertainment value was still lacking. The teams started to increase and something had to be done to create more buzz. This is when Phil figured out a way to make bowling the next sport that would be exciting to be a part of as well as add entertainment value for the people who came to cheer on the participants.

The trash talking, the beefs, the rivalries and even the personalities were added to the game. Imagine walking into a bowling alley and you see team names such as The Shooters, The Bounty Hunters, The Trash Talkers, Black Reign, The Wrecking Crew or The Silent Killers? Not only do the teams have names but so do the bowlers. Clever names such as “Chase Bank” and “Mr. Red” are what two of the bowlers are known by. Some others are dubbed “The Show”, “Lil Man”, “Stewie” and “Big Rod Dawg”. You’re probably thinking that these sound like names you’d hear in wrestling such as Dwayne Johnson’s character, “The Rock”, or Terry Bollea’s “Hulk Hogan” persona. You’re thinking is on the right track because the crafty, self given identities mixed with the competitiveness of the sport add up to an entertaining experience every time. This is not your average bowling league!

Since the inception of this idea, you can see how much the Underground Bowling Association has grown. Phil really implemented his vision quite well. Originally from Queens, New York and always into sports, Phil always knew he’d be in the entertainment business and the U.B.A. combines both his love of sports and business savvy in the entertainment world. This is only the beginning of something great and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more in the future as its popularity and awareness grows.

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