ATTENTION ALL UBA MEMBERS

Below is the link for the Master Folder which contains the FULL RESULTS of ALL UBA Official Events for the 2019-2020 Season (Sept 2019 - Aug 2020). 

All members who have cashed in these events, MUST make sure all of the following is completed in order to receive prize checks.

1- Update your www.ubatv.tv profile. If you do not have a profile you MUST register to the www.ubatv.tv website and complete your profile with your full legal name & address.

2- Submit a Contact Information form. Here is the link: https://ubabowling.ning.com/page/contact-information-form.

3- If your cash winnings has accumulated to $600 or more since Jan 1, 2020, a W-9 form MUST be completed and uploaded on the UBA website. Here is the link to upload: https://ubabowling.ning.com/page/irs-form-w9. Please be sure to upload this form once it is completed.

For all event results related questions, email events@undergroundbowling.com.

For all financial related questions, email financials@undergroundbowling.com.

Thank you and Congratulations to all cashers.

Tynell Tate
Director of Events & Planning (DEP)
Underground Bowling Association (UBA)

Click Links below

2019-20 Event Results

2019-20 Event Prize Funds

Please update your profile questions with the correct address and legal name to be used in the future.

You can download, complete and upload your completed W-9 to our Dropbox portal below:

Download IRS Form W9 - IRSW9.pdf

Upload your completed W-9 to DropBox

For any questions related to the prize fund or check policy see click the link below for our FAQ:

FAQ - Check Policy and Prize Fund Winnings

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